domingo, 3 de octubre de 2004

Desperate Housewives

Fecha de Estreno: 3 de Octubre de 2004
Fecha de Finalización:
Género: Drama Familiar
Dirección: Larry Shaw
Guión: Marc Cherry
Producción: Charles Skouras III
Cadena Original: ABC
Emisión en Argentina: Sony

Estado: En Emisión

En las primeras escenas de la serie se nos muestra cómo un ama de casa aparentemente feliz, Mary Alice, con todo lo que puede desear, decide suicidarse pegándose un tiro. En el funeral conoceremos a sus cuatro vecinas amigas, cada una de ellas con una situación familiar diferente. Lo que en principio parece una mera anécdota se transforma en un auténtico misterio cuando ellas encuentran una nota...


Teri Hatcher
Susan Mayer

Felicity Huffman
Lynette Scavo

Marcia Cross
Bree Van De Kamp

Eva Longoria Parker
Gabrielle Solis

Ricardo Chavira
Carlos Solis

Brenda Strong
Mary Alice Young

James Denton
Mike Delfino

Doug Savant
Tom Scavo

Nicollette Sheridan
Edie Britt

Shawn Pyfrom
Andrew Van De Kamp

Andrea Bowen
Julie Mayer

Shane y Brent Kinsman
Porter y Preston Scavo

Kyle MacLachlan
Orson Hodge

Zane Huett
Parker Scavo

Joy Lauren
Danielle Van De Kamp

Kathryn Joosten
Karen McCluskey

Dana Delany
Katherine Mayfair

Cody Kasch
Zach Young

Mark Moses
Paul Young

Richard Burgi
Karl Mayer

Charles Carver
Porter Scavo

Joshua Logan Moore
Parker Scavo

Kendall Applegate
Penny Scavo

Rachel G. Fox
Kayla Huntington

Jesse Metcalfe
John Rowland

Madison De La Garza
Juanita Solis

Steven Culp
Rex Van De Kamp

Pat Crawford Brown
Ida Greenberg

Neal McDonough
Dave Williams

Max Carver
Preston Scavo

Mehcad Brooks
Matthew Applewhite

Alfre Woodard
Betty Applewhite

Mason Vale Cotton
Maynard 'MJ' Delfino

Daniella Baltodano
Celia Solis

Kevin Rahm
Lee McDermott

Tuc Watkins
Bob Hunter

Lyndsy Fonseca
Dylan Mayfair

Dougray Scott
Ian Hainsworth

Josh Henderson
Austin McCann

Harriet Sansom Harris
Felicia Tilman

Gale Harold
Jackson Braddock

Nashawn Kearse
Caleb Applewhite

Maiara Walsh
Ana Solis

Drea de Matteo
Angie Bolen

Jeffrey Nordling
Nick Bolen

Beau Mirchoff
Danny Bolen
1x01 Oct. 03, 2004 Pilot
1x02 Oct. 10, 2004 Ah, But Underneath
1x03 Oct. 17, 2004 Pretty Little Picture
1x04 Oct. 24, 2004 Who's that Woman?
1x05 Oct. 31, 2004 Come in, Stranger
1x06 Nov. 07, 2004 Running to Stand Still
1x07 Nov. 21, 2004 Anything You Can Do
1x08 Nov. 28, 2004 Guilty
1x09 Dec. 12, 2004 Suspicious Minds
1x10 Dec. 19, 2004 Come Back to Me
1x11 Jan. 09, 2005 Move On
1x12 Jan. 16, 2005 Every Day a Little Death
1x13 Jan. 23, 2005 Your Fault
1x14 Feb. 13, 2005 Love Is in the Air (a.k.a. What I Did for Love)
1x15 Feb. 20, 2005 Impossible
1x16 Mar. 27, 2005 The Ladies Who Lunch
1x17 Apr. 03, 2005 There Won't Be Trumpets
1x18 Apr. 10, 2005 Children Will Listen
1x19 Apr. 17, 2005 Live Alone and Like It (a.k.a. An Unexpected Song)
1x20 May. 01, 2005 Fear No More
1x21 May. 08, 2005 Sunday in the Park with George
1x22 May. 15, 2005 Goodbye For Now
1x23 May. 22, 2005 One Wonderful Day
2x01 Sep. 25, 2005 Next
2x02 Oct. 02, 2005 You Could Drive a Person Crazy
2x03 Oct. 09, 2005 You'll Never Get Away From Me
2x04 Oct. 16, 2005 My Heart Belongs To Daddy
2x05 Oct. 23, 2005 They Asked Me Why I Believe In You
2x06 Nov. 06, 2005 I Wish I Could Forget You
2x07 Nov. 13, 2005 Color and Light (a.k.a. I Must Be Dreaming)
2x08 Nov. 20, 2005 The Sun Won't Set
2x09 Nov. 27, 2005 That's Good, That's Bad
2x10 Dec. 04, 2005 Coming Home
2x11 Jan. 08, 2006 One More Kiss
2x12 Jan. 15, 2006 We're Gonna Be All Right
2x13 Jan. 22, 2006 There's Something About a War
2x14 Feb. 12, 2006 Silly People
2x15 Feb. 19, 2006 Thank You So Much
2x16 Mar. 12, 2006 There is No Other Way
2x17 Mar. 26, 2006 Could I Leave You?
2x18 Apr. 02, 2006 Everybody Says Don't
2x19 Apr. 16, 2006 Don't Look at Me
2x20 Apr. 30, 2006 It Wasn't Meant to Happen
2x21 May. 07, 2006 I Know Things Now
2x22 May. 14, 2006 No One Is Alone
2x23 May. 21, 2006 Remember (1)
2x24 May. 21, 2006 Remember (2)
3x01 Sep. 24, 2006 Listen to the Rain on the Roof
3x02 Oct. 01, 2006 It Takes Two
3x03 Oct. 08, 2006 A Weekend In The Country
3x04 Oct. 15, 2006 Like It Was
3x05 Oct. 22, 2006 Nice She Ain't
3x06 Oct. 29, 2006 Sweetheart, I Have To Confess
3x07 Nov. 05, 2006 Bang
3x08 Nov. 12, 2006 Children and Art
3x09 Nov. 19, 2006 Beautiful Girls
3x10 Nov. 26, 2006 The Miracle Song
3x11 Jan. 07, 2007 No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds
3x12 Jan. 14, 2007 Not While I'm Around
3x13 Jan. 21, 2007 Come Play Wiz Me
3x14 Feb. 11, 2007 I Remember That
3x15 Feb. 18, 2007 The Little Things You Do Together
3x16 Mar. 04, 2007 My Husband, the Pig
3x17 Apr. 08, 2007 Dress Big
3x18 Apr. 15, 2007 Liaisons
3x19 Apr. 22, 2007 God, That's Good
3x20 Apr. 29, 2007 Gossip
3x21 May. 06, 2007 Into the Woods
3x22 May. 13, 2007 What Would We Do Without You?
3x23 May. 20, 2007 Getting Married Today
4x01 Sep. 30, 2007 Now You Know
4x02 Oct. 07, 2007 Smiles of a Summer Night
4x03 Oct. 14, 2007 The Game
4x04 Oct. 21, 2007 If There's Anything I Can't Stand
4x05 Oct. 28, 2007 Art Isn't Easy
4x06 Nov. 04, 2007 Now I Know, Don’t Be Scared
4x07 Nov. 11, 2007 You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover
4x08 Nov. 25, 2007 A Distant Past
4x09 Dec. 02, 2007 Something's Coming
4x10 Jan. 06, 2008 Welcome to Kanagawa
4x11 Apr. 13, 2008 Sunday
4x12 Apr. 20, 2008 In Buddy's Eyes
4x13 Apr. 27, 2008 Hello, Little Girl
4x14 May. 04, 2008 Opening Doors
4x15 May. 11, 2008 Mother Said
4x16 May. 18, 2008 The Gun Song
4x17 May. 18, 2008 Free
5x01 Sep. 28, 2008 You're Gonna Love Tomorrow
5x02 Oct. 05, 2008 We're So Happy You're So Happy
5x03 Oct. 12, 2008 Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else
5x04 Oct. 19, 2008 Back in Business
5x05 Oct. 26, 2008 Mirror, Mirror
5x06 Nov. 02, 2008 There's Always a Woman
5x07 Nov. 09, 2008 What More Do I Need?
5x08 Nov. 16, 2008 City on Fire
5x09 Nov. 30, 2008 Me and My Town
5x10 Dec. 07, 2008 A Vision's Just a Vision
5x11 Jan. 04, 2009 Home is the Place
5x12 Jan. 11, 2009 Connect! Connect!
5x13 Jan. 18, 2009 The Best Thing That Could Have Happened
5x14 Feb. 08, 2009 Mama Spent Money When She Had None
5x15 Feb. 15, 2009 In a World Where the Kings are Employers
5x16 Mar. 08, 2009 Crime Doesn't Pay
5x17 Mar. 15, 2009 The Story of Lucy and Jessie
5x18 Mar. 22, 2009 A Spark. To Pierce the Dark.
5x19 Apr. 19, 2009 Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know
5x20 Apr. 26, 2009 Rose's Turn
5x21 May. 03, 2009 Bargaining
5x22 May. 10, 2009 Marry Me a Little
5x23 May. 17, 2009 Everybody Says Don't
5x24 May. 17, 2009 If It's Only in Your Head
6x01 Sep. 27, 2009 Nice Is Different Than Good
6x02 Oct. 04, 2009 Being Alive
6x03 Oct. 11, 2009 Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover
6x04 Oct. 18, 2009 The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues
6x05 Oct. 25, 2009 Everybody Ought to Have a Maid
6x06 Nov. 01, 2009 Don't Walk on the Grass
6x07 Oct. 08, 2009 Careful the Things You Say
6x08 Nov. 15, 2009 The Coffee Cup
6x09 Nov. 29, 2009 Would I Think of Suicide?
6x10 Dec. 06, 2009 Boom Crunch
6x11 Jan. 03, 2010 If...
6x12 Jan. 10, 2010 You Gotta Get a Gimmick
6x13 Jan. 17, 2010 How About A Friendly Shrink?

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